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Poetry (I hope)

A face I cannot face today


A face I cannot face today

I would rather forget the phone I touch or computer which nestles in my lap

Has an eye which can betray me with a finger misplaced, a prompt to update. 

Not once has the image caught resembled the me I knew; even now, I just looked.

The bathroom mirror does not misbehave nor mock and lock in the shocked disarrange.

Is it as simple as vanity to flee from this self technology or is it more perverse,

So awkward to look unrehearsed.  Disconcerting at least to see the reverse cheek,

Backwards me, only to switch and find no side which I don't want to delete and hide.


Behind the camera I delight to chase; snap dragons, elusive, mischievous, distracting.

Challenging to not miss the breath of life, trying to use cheese, to trap smiles in a frame.

They escape, of course; was it because I asked, or even worse yelled cheese and

Forgot to say please?   Forced memories, evidence, inside rectangle boxes

With one boy looking at his lap and the other as his eyes crosses.  The next frame no

Better, back of heads and faces so grave; I get it and put the damn camera away.


The question then is why I expect others on cue to face the lens when I protest,

Would rather pretend?  Post a chance glance half a decade old where my face 

Accidentally smiled right, looked the way it should.  I do not understand the

Fad of facing the phone proud and glad, nor the product it seems all but

I can obtain; symmetrical faces and smiles posted again and again, no shame.  

A face I cannot face today; I am vain, still it is a bit silly, I must proclaim.