An idea is a point of departure and no more. As soon as you elaborate it, it becomes transformed by thought.
— Pablo Picasso

The phrase 'point of departure' was a phrase which echoed in my mind as I began framing the focus of my blog.  Like the opening page view of ships at sea (or not) I wanted to explore the disconnect between my wide open dreams and the present realities which have felt akin to being landlocked. As I shared in my original entry, I am still finding my way accepting the physical limitations which are so disparate from the spirit of who and how I see myself.  Likewise, the point(s) of departure from my fellows as my body simply could not reach the faces I wanted to reach has been difficult to resolve. I began to see just how many levels I was experiencing a separation.  One step forward, limp lag fall back.  

I googled 'point of departure' sure this phrase was larger than my own conceptions only to find the opening quote attributed to Pablo Picasso. Of course I congratulated myself for finding highbrow company.  

Reading Picasso's quote is heady stuff, lifting the phrase into the clouds.  Each reading spins my mind more than a bit, and when I think I grasp his 'aha' I find it has slipped away. With one exception; without any doubt I find Picasso's 'point of departure' a more freeing view than my original brain storms around these few words. It seems to me to express expansion where I saw limitations.  The counterpoint between visions seems to me where the answers might be found.

I was reminded just how ethereal any concept of self actually is.  It is little more than an idea, yet it seems the trappings of self convinced me rather of the all together different 'ideal'.  It awakens me once again to the pitfalls of attachments of most any kind, especially if I limit myself to an ideal. Life or better put, living!, is all about the elaboration, the transformation, the unexpected conversation. 

(Note to reader!  I am in cerebral outerspace; please breathe deeply so you may not die of lack of oxygen.  Or boredom.)

What I sense with the force of a butt kick is the universal condition of becoming disconnected with ourselves for infinite reasons.  I am truly not all that unique!  The particulars of each of our conditions which may throw us in deep water may be as infinite as the shades of blue reflecting off the calm sea; it is still the same sea. No matter if adrift for loss of compass, mutiny, iceberg, or foreclosure on our dream ship, the point seems to be "so what now, what next?".  

I blush with the heart knowledge I have been beached for many years and though I have dabbled in 'what is next?' I forgot about 'why not!'. Idealizing, romanticizing what seems improbable somehow prevented me from reaching into the grab bag of this universe to discover new dreams, different dreams, better dreams.  Big Dreams!!  I hang my head a bit, admitting to myself, deep inside I felt I did not deserve them.  Such a subtle, almost imperceptible shame for having become disabled. No worries! I realize the limitations I have operated from, knowingly or not, for far too long are nothing more than...

a point of departure and no more. I believe it is time to elaborate. I know it is time to transform!

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